1. Racers are to follow Maine State Law and bicycle safety rules and shall ride as far to the right as practical, except when passing.
a. Races are help on open courses. Racers ride with traffic and are solely responsible for their safety at all times. At no time are racers allowed to endanger traffic or the public.
b. Racers are bound by the local traffic laws unless a police officer or other authorized person directs you to take otherwise illegal actions such as passing a stop sign.
2. Helmets are required to be properly worn, with the straps buckled at all times on the bike whether warming up, racing, or cooling down. Riding trainers is excluded.
3. No headphones or ear buds may be worn by racers on or near the race courses during warm up, race time or during cool down. Riding trainers is excluded
4. The Race Director is allowed to make additional rules provided they are within reason and explained to everyone before the start of the race.
a. Failure to abide by any of these rules is grounds for disqualification. Registration in any of the Maine Time Trial Series serves as acceptance of these rules.
b. The Race Director’s decision in all matters is final.
5. Passing must be done on the left only. No passing is allowed on the right, ever. Passing racers must give adequate room so as to not endanger the racer being passed.
a. Calling out is strongly encouraged when passing.
6. Drafting is strictly prohibited.
a. Racers must be at least three bike lengths behind the bike ahead.
b. No two racers may ride abreast other than when one is attempting to pass the other.
7. Starting order at this time is decided by the individual race directors.
a. Each racer shall report to the start line at least three minutes before his or her scheduled starting time and shall be prepared to start at their scheduled time.
i. If a racer appears later than the scheduled starting time, the racer may come to the start line and must come to a complete stop, no flying starts are permitted.
ii. The rider may not interfere with those starting on time and it will be up to the discretion of the starter when the late racer may start.
iii. The rider’s start time will be recorded as their scheduled start time, not when they actually do start. By missing their start time, the racer forfeits their chance to restart and may not schedule a new start time.
b. Starting times will be at equal intervals of 30 or 60 seconds.
c. The racer can be held by a volunteer or official at the start, but shall neither be restrained nor pushed.
d. No restarts are permitted. It is permissible to start with one foot down if the racer so desires.
8. No support vehicles or parking are allowed on the course.

Starting Order (Aero Division and Merckx Division):

Race one (Camden) will be in the order of registration.

Race two and forward the starting order will be as follows:

  • Day of registrations will go off first in the order that they register, this applies to all divisions.  Then there will be a 10 minute break.
  • Merckx division racers will go off next in the ascending order of points.  Meaning the person with the highest number of points will start last.
  • Competitive division racers will then go off in ascending order of points.  Meaning that the racer with the highest number of points will go off last.

Maine Time Trial Series Points 
NEW!  Please review.

  • Racers can compete in as few or as many of the races as they wish.
  • Points accumulated throughout the year will be tabulated on a ongoing basis.
  • All points will count toward a racer’s overall series results
  • There are no ‘drop’ or ‘best of’ races, the more a racer competes, the greater his/her chance of gaining points toward the series.
  • There will still be double points for the State Championship.
  • All tie breakers will remain the same.
  • Both Competitive division and the Merckx division will use the same points structure and be tracked towards the State Championships.
  • It must be reinforced that points cannot be carried over between divisions.  It’s highly recommended that individuals race in one division for the entire season.

Points Schedule:










































Tie Breakers: If there is a numerical tine in the season score, the tie is broken as follows:
a. Level one – the winner is the rider who beat the other in the State Championship
b. Level two – if one or both of the tired riders did not compete in the State Championship, the winner is the rider who beat the other more often in the races in which both competed
c. Level three – If there is still a tie, the winner is the rider who the lower total time in those races in which both competed.

Merckx Division Rules:

All Merckx racers must not race a time trial bike or a triathlon bike, the racer cannot use clip on bars, all wheels have to be under 40mm in depth, and no aero (tear drop) helmets.  The racer may wear a skin suit if they so desire.  All other race rules apply.

Perpetual Trophies
The Maine Time Trial Series awards perpetual trophies at the end of each season, at the State Championship. One for the men’s series winner and one for the women’s winner, the trophy will be held for one year by the winners and will have engraved plaques with the name of each year’s winner.

11 thoughts on “METTS Rules

  1. In 7a of the Rules, a rider is required to be at the starting line 3 minutes prior to his/her starting time. Subsequent sub paragraphs allow for coming to the line after that, but 3 minutes seem too long to be standard, or say it is “suggested” that rider report to the start line…..
    Under Info, Placing and Rules, 5b, I think the word it “tied”, not “tired”. (I am sure they are all “tired”.)
    Good job!

    • Hi there,

      The rules are simple you cannot ride a TT bike or use clip on aero bars, no wheels deeper than 34mm, no skin suit, and no tear drop helmet.


  2. Hey Derek,
    Just curious – why did the rules for scoring change just after the last race of the season?

    See rules 1 and 2 above.

    • Hi Cindy,

      There is a reason. When Susan and I began to look at the points on Sunday morning she pointed out to me that there was a number of races who where high in points but lacked the races necessary to qualify for the overall. The issue with this is that we would have had to in a couple of divisions drill down many places to find someone that matched the requirements. What we didn’t want was someone with 10 points finishing in the top three of any division. It was not a decision that I wanted to make but after some thought its what we saw as fair. The rules are the first area that we are going to be looking at now that the season is over. When I call everyone who would like to meet sometime in October or November the rules will be one of the first areas discussed. I am sorry that it happened this way but it comes down to the fact that there needs to be more racers that race more races. In the end I really see that we will likely go to a cycle cross points format that rewards those who race the most by awarding total points gross not by way of a formula.


    • Hi There Tyler,

      This will be the first year that we will be tracking points in the Merckx division. These will be tracked all year and will be eligible for a Merckx points championship at the end of the season.

      Best Regards,


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