2014 METTS Schedule

The complete 2014 race schedule as of 04/16/2014

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at deremtvg@hotmail.com

17 thoughts on “2014 METTS Schedule

    • I have been working with them and as of today have confirmation that there will be a race. Registration will be open by the end of the day tomorrow.


  1. So many schedule changes and no September races…next year I’ll try to be in phase and compete. John Marshall

    • There have been a lot of changes this year. Its been hard for some races to get the help they need to be able to hold the races they want, not to mention expense. Next year will be better as we knew that this year was going to be tough going in.


    • HI there,

      At this point I am looking to nail down all the dates for 2014 by the middle of January. After that I will build the BikeReg site so we can open registration, I hope by the early February.


    • Its coming along. I will be posting some dates today and this weekend. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you I’ve been very busy.


    • I will do so. Are you using Eric from Back 40 Timing? He has agreed to doour races this year and a good cost for everyone. If you are using him please make sure that he is aware that your part of the series. Also I will let him know from our end.


    • We have been looking at having a youth division but have not been able to put it together as of yet. We do encourage people of all ages and experience to race in our Merckx division, which allows people to ride any bike as long as its not a TT or Tri bike. As the series moves forward we do hope to have some races carry a youth division.


  2. Well the reason I wonder is because I am 12 and into cycling , I have done 70 miles in the Dempsey challenge and also I have done other rides. I do have a road bike. My family wanted me to start getting into time trials.

    • Hi Caleb,

      I think that the METTS would be a great place to start. We have lots of great racers who are all very into cycling and lending a hand to those new to racing. There is even some coaches that race with us, if you want to meet them let me know and I can do that. We offer a Merckx division which is for people who use a regular road bike with not fancy wheels, helmets, etc… there are kids your age that race in that division. We would be glad to welcome you to our events they are great fun!


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